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As promised here is the test showing how easy this Fatwood from Hagwood Fire Starters catches a spark. A small spark from the firesteel and this stuff was blazing. I had to blow it out in fear of making too much smoke at my apartment. Below is the links to purchase their kits.

My Intro Video the Hagwood Kit :

Hagwood -Youtube Channel:

Instagram: Hagwood

Facebook: Hagwood1992


This is an intro video showing my new Just Right Carbine (JRC) chambered in 9mm and utilizing Glock magazines. I can use the same magazines as I use in my every day carry handgun and increase my range and capacity to fight back.

Just Right Carbine Website:

Full Review-Sootch:

A video update on my recent move from the suburbs to an urban environment.

The question posed is this: “Your doing your normal thing and all hell breaks loose. SHTF i.e. Marshall Law, natural disaster, military conflict, or Zombie Out Break. Are you prepared right now if need be?”