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A continuation of our first video discussing this scenario.

Urban SHTF- Apartment building defenses-Pt1

American Blackout-NatGeo:
Sun Tzu: The Art of War-
We cannot enter into alliances until we are acquainted with the designs of our neighbors

This is an intro video showing my new Just Right Carbine (JRC) chambered in 9mm and utilizing Glock magazines. I can use the same magazines as I use in my every day carry handgun and increase my range and capacity to fight back.

Just Right Carbine Website:

Full Review-Sootch:

A video update on my recent move from the suburbs to an urban environment.

The question posed is this: “Your doing your normal thing and all hell breaks loose. SHTF i.e. Marshall Law, natural disaster, military conflict, or Zombie Out Break. Are you prepared right now if need be?”

This in an introductory video to my new Goal Zero Yeti 150 Generator.

Videos By Mike- Yeti-150 Demonstration:

Goal Zero Yeti 150:

Will you be ready when the grid goes down? Make preparations now!

a review of the contents of a muini-survival tin.