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Today I trained Chest and Back. My workouts are still very light as I am recovering from a lower back injury at L-5. After my training session I practiced posing to finish off the muscles worked. Some of my posing session is included in this video. My bodyweight is 205 lbs today.

Warm-Up- 15 minutes on treadmill
10 minutes stretching and abdominal work

Chest- Incline Bench Press 4 sets- Pull Ups- 4 Sets (performed as a super-set. (a set of bench and then directly to a set of pull-ups. Short rest and then repeat).

Seated Incline Machine Presses 4 sets- Seated machine rows 4 sets- Seated Pec Dec- 4 sets (these are performed one after the other with a short rest after all three are completed. Then repeat for 4 sets).

10 minutes of posing practice in locker room

Here is the original on location video I did with Gregory Hammonds where he describes his old life and the New Life offered through Jesus Christ. A very compelling testimony of one man’s struggle with addictions and God’s saving Grace!

Gregory Hammonds- Introduction

Gregory Hammonds was born in sunny South Florida and brought up in a home where drinking, fueled many fights between his parents, Hammonds calls it a “war zone” that happened over and over again until one day his mother got tired and walked away, leaving all the children with the father.

Hammonds remembers the void left when his mother finally walked away and how their lives were never the same. By four years old he was getting drunk with his father. As fate would have it, after his two fingers got cut off in a door at school, he went to live with his aunt. Though he adjusted well to his new environment, as he got older he began drinking, smoking and doping. A superior student in high school but longed to taste more of the life his father had introduced him to.

Upon graduation from high school he convinced his aunt to give him his savings and let him go out to explore the world. And that he did, through riotous living, which introduced him to drugs.

His life began to spiral out of control when his brother taught him how to shoot drugs into his veins. Eventually, he graduated to smoking crack. In his brothers’ words, “a monster was created. From that day we never had respect for each other.”

Hammonds spent 20 years on drugs, homeless, with no direction, desire, or control over his life. He lived to get high, picking up cans from sun up to sun down, begged, borrowed, stole, lied, cheated, did whatever he could to get money for drugs. His appetite was only for drugs. It didn’t matter he was spitting up blood or was malnourished, the high was all that mattered.

Driven by drugs to the point he acted like an animal at times and was beat almost to death on more than one occasion, Hammonds wouldn’t give it up. Nothing could turn his life around until a supernatural encounter, removed the desire and physical dependence from his life and redirected his path. He went from a man who got high with other addicts, pulled out the Bible to preach to them, to a man with a powerful testimony of change, restoration and hope for addicts, free of drugs.

Gregory Hammonds is the author of Come Now My Brother-From the Womb to God’s Glory.

Our focus today is on Romans chapter 2, verse 5.

5 But because of your stubbornness and your unrepentant heart, you are storing up wrath against yourself for the day of God’s wrath, when his righteous judgment will be revealed.

My Bible Study on Romans Chap 1:18-32- Count the Cost:

A video Bible Study focusing on John 3:30. In this passage of scripture, John the Baptist says the Jesus Christ must become the focus and he (John the Baptist) must become less. In living out the Christian life today, we need to take hold of these words of Truth and let the Lord Jesus Christ live in us and through us and put aside “self”. Pride gets in the way and can severely hamper our walk with God and our relationship with others. Let Jesus be the primary focus in your life.

Blessings In Christ



The Emerging Church- 10-29-12:

Anthony Iovino


202 Two-Faced Man- The Devil instructing the Antichrist


In the frescoes of Signorelli we have “The Teaching of Antichrist”—no repulsive figure, but a grand personage in flowing robes, and with a noble countenance, which at a distance might easily be taken for the Saviour. To him the crowd are eagerly gathering and listening, and it is only when you draw close that you can discover in his harder and cynical expression, and from the evil spirit whispering in his ear, that it is not Christ. (1499-1502).

—Augustus Hare (more…)



Main Scripture- Matthew 5:8-

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.”

  • To be      “Blessed” has nothing to do with our circumstances.
  • The Beatitudes      are descriptions not directions.
  • Blessed- Deep      inner joy.

Do you have a pure heart? (more…)

Devotional Study- Where Did You Meet the Lord?

AJ Iovino- 5-9-12

Tolstoy’s Changed Desire

In my conversation, Count Leo Tolstoy, the eminent Russian writer, tells how he turned from evil to good: “Five years ago faith came to me: I believed in the doctrine of Jesus, and all my life was suddenly changed. I cease to desire that which previously I had desired, and on the other hand, I took to desiring what I had never desired before. That which formerly used to appear good in my eyes appeared evil, and that which used to appear evil appeared good.” (more…)