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As promised here is the test showing how easy this Fatwood from Hagwood Fire Starters catches a spark. A small spark from the firesteel and this stuff was blazing. I had to blow it out in fear of making too much smoke at my apartment. Below is the links to purchase their kits.

My Intro Video the Hagwood Kit :

Hagwood -Youtube Channel:

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Facebook: Hagwood1992


In this video I attempted to switch my Go Bag from the 5.11 Rush 24 to the Camelbak Motherlode. During the process I realized that all of my gear would not fit as efficiently into the Camelbak Motherlode. So I repacked the 5.11 Rush 24. This exercise was beneficial in that I was able to change out and repack my gear back into the Rush 24. I have decided that I may need to bump up to a bigger bag like the 5.11 Rush 72.