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This is an intro video showing my new Just Right Carbine (JRC) chambered in 9mm and utilizing Glock magazines. I can use the same magazines as I use in my every day carry handgun and increase my range and capacity to fight back.

Just Right Carbine Website:

Full Review-Sootch:

Have you and your family prepared for emergencies, disasters, civil unrest, riots, food shortages, economic collapse, SHTF, etc? In this video I will give you some insight and direction to make the most of the time that you still have.

Everyday Carry sample

Glock 17, Becker BK-11 Knife.

Murderer’s Dream
Ted Nugent


Zero tolerance huh? Gun Free Zones huh? Try this on for size; Columbine-gun free zone. NYC pizza shop-gun free zone. Pearl H.S. MS-gun free zone. Luby’s cafeteria-gun free zone. Amish School in PA-gun free zone. VA Tech University-gun free zone. Anybody see what the evil Sarah Brady and her denial infested gun banning cult have created? I personally have zero tolerance for evil and denial. (more…)