Bibles and Barbells Store

Here is the link to my Amazon Store where you will be able to find all of the products I use and have tested.  From Prepping to Bible Study to the clothes I wear in the gym.  I have also included many of my supplements.


  1. Anthony says:

    When will you be adding your Biblesnbarbells T-Shirt?

  2. Mariie Cardona says:

    I just saw 1 of your “on the road” videos re Judge Michael Adrian Ponsor & his radical 79 page rant against Pastor Scott Lively (Springfield, MA). I have extremely sensitive info regarding the judge and his motivations — they are both very personal regarding his family and ideological regarding his long history of radicalism, which has been carefully hidden from public view. All my info is credible, you can source it on the internet and double-check for veracity. No, opinions. No hearsay. No guessing. It is much. much worse than you could imagine. The fix was in, and it is in for the unsuspecting pastor. I have excellent sources that you can check. If interested email me & I will start you out on an incredible journey. This judge needs to be taken down.

  3. Dear Anthony ,

    Servant of God , have been truly praying deeply since meeting on the Google and i have no peace . The lord has been quickening me to tell you that He has already prepared a door for you in Kenya for ministry .I and my wife do want to salute you and the bibles and barbells ministry , that time has come that we need to declare the kingdom to as many as we can . We have an opportunity like no other to share Jesus out to as many as possible . Please how can we work together ?

    Rev Charles and Esther


    GVM international,

    • Rev Charles and Esther,

      I have been in prayer as well and I know doors will be opened just like they were when I walked into the local jails in my county. Inmates were hungry for God’s Word and He prepared the way. This ministry started out in my garage with a Bible Study and then a physical fitness workout. I then moved it to the public parks and then on-line in 2009 in order to reach more people focusing on- Mind-Body-Spirit. That is why there are preparedness videos, Bible Studies and Physical Fitness Workouts. I know your ministry is growing and you are reaching many for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I will be in touch with you soon to discuss your needs and how I can help in anyway.

      Blessings In Christ


  4. Rev Charles Oyange says:

    Thank you so very much man of God . Iam humbled and lifted and hope that we will truly work things out for the glory of God . Hope that we can talk over the email or phone .

  5. LEN MINK says:

    Hello Anthony, Just a quick shout out to say thank you for your website and your ministry.God has raised you up to minister hope to a dark world and to replace fear with faith in the lives of preppers.I travel the world with the Gospel,TV, music etc and KNOW all you are doing is vital.Keep it up. You may know my dear friend Joe Montopoli, fire chief in Davie. Great guy to know! Blessings LEN MINK

    • Len- Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I would like to learn more about what you are doing around the world. I think I have met Joe, but it may have been several years ago. I would love to get to know him as I work in Davie as well.

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