1. Right about the time that the banks crashed in 2009.
    I sat there thinking “Oh goodie, the whole corrupt system is about to fail”.
    Next day, we went out, stocked up on everything we were outstanding, drew out what pathetic savings we had, and sat back waiting for TEOTWAWKI (banking style).

    Shucks, it didn’t happen.
    Now I’m watching the UK sink further into debt and the politicians take lying to a new level plus the Russia v US/US fiasco.

    So effectively, 2009 and I’ve never actually stopped thereafter.

    • Thanks for your comments. I think the crash in 2008/2009 woke a lot of people up. Now to watch the dog and pony show between the USA and Russia and our Illegal Immigration mess. All we can do is continue to prep and try to ready. Take care.

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