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A video speaking about this new terroristic attack happening across the country by blacks against whites, Asians and others. Where is the leadership in the Black Community? Where is Eric Holder? Where is the President? My thoughts.

Knockout Game:

The Blaze:

In this video I demonstrate the Coleman Vacuum Bottle (1.5L size). This bottle can store and carry food or drinks as it is designed to maintain the liquid’s temperature for a long time. This unit is BPA Free. I purchased in Home Goods for $20.00. Normal price is listed at $40.00. A very useful and dependable vacuum bottle.

A video description showing how I do my daily Bible Study, journaling and writing Bible Studies for You Tube. I also discuss how I have kept journals on my weightlifting career.

A review of the recent National Geographic two hour special: American Blackout

A video Bible Study on 1 Kings Chapter 12. I discuss the corrupt leaders in the Divided Kingdom and many parallels to our current situation as a country where we are worshipping idols instead of the One True God.