In this video I give my opinions on potential consequences of a United States attack on Syria. The problems we face are far bigger than most of us can fathom. I believe our so called leaders are taking us far of course and using war as an excuse to change America for the worse. Our economic troubles are not going to be immune to a war with Syria and SHTF can erupt at the drop of a hat here in the US

  1. Cheryl R says:

    Gotta throw my two cents in Anthony – in your statement that included American citizens should be in “a state of panic right now”, assuming I’m correct I think you were referring to being prepared? Don’t mean to split hairs with you, but maybe “urgency” and/or “priority” could & SHOULD be the mindset of the day. Clear-headedness, objectivity, intensity in assessing our individual situations with greater priority. Thinking is what so many are NOT doing today. Most are oblivious!! I’m sure you agree, the more things we surrender to fear, the more power fear has in our lives. Panic is not an option.
    Am a huge fan of your work, and appreciate your dedication and your patriotism so much. Take care there in FL.

    Cheryl in Texas

  2. Cheryl R says:

    Oh, by the way, our thoughts here along the Syria line mirror yours. What a freakin’ mess! So many lies, lies, lies from most of our leaders. I admit, I am scared for our country, our family & friends, even our pastor. But we remain grounded in our faith and that Christ still controls history.


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