1. Cheryl R says:

    Exactly!! BIG distractions from the real issues. Houston the same. Big protest shut down major freeway Monday & a Grandmother was assaulted IN HER VEHICLE when trying to reach the hospital where her granddaughter was by these same people. Terrible, ridiculous…don’t these protestors realize what pawns they are in this whole thing? Stupid people, they are being played. For that matter so are most of the American people – completely oblivious. The USA as we have known it is in serious trouble. May God have mercy on us. Good post Anthony.

    • Thanks for watching Cheryl. Yes, big distractions and the goal is to keep the crap going and collapse the system so they can usher in their Utopia. People are such lemmings. Well, people like us are not falling for their lies and are making a stand- Spiritually first and physically if necessary.

      God Bless.

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