1. Cheryl R says:

    Hey from Texas once again,
    Happy to see this post as it gives me some great ideas on what to add to both mine and my hubby’s vehicles. Like you we also live in a hurricane-prone area near the Gulf (our first year here) and have been discussing our needs for our go bags. Changes are definitely in need! Appreciate this post, as always, thanks again.

    • Cheryl,

      Hope all is going well for you and your family. Thanks for watching my BugOut Vehicle video. I am still working on this project and there will be more videos to come. Stay tuned on my YouTube Channel (BiblesnBarbells). You should always be looking at your supplies and tailoring them to where you live. Also, make additions, upgrades and deletions as needed. So important to be prepared, especially in the constant threat we live in today.

      God Bless-
      Isaiah 40:29

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