1. Cheryl R says:

    Anthony, Thank you for sharing your heart in this post. We share your horror, and that of all citizens, in regards to this heinous act. It brought back to mind the Amish girls gunned down, the Columbine tragedy too. But THIS awful act, THIS seemed to cross us as a nation over the threshold of an even darker place in our country’s history, the unthinkable place. It seems to have changed everything. Felt like 9/11 all over again. The horrors of what happened are too unfathomable for most of us just like on 9/11. There are many indicators in our society of it’s gradual demise and I think, too, a reall fear in many hearts that there may be no turning back. Maybe there will be parents, even some national leaders who turn to God, who seek His divine wisdom that was once the foundation of our great nation (per your prayer)?? We can only pray that is so. In the meantime our hearts ache for those parents, spouses, sisters/brothers; and we cry openly here for the very soul of our nation, for the rise of leaders who value power over principles. And most of all for Christians everywhere to return to their relationships with Jesus Christ as their priority in life. All we can do is live our own lives as unto the Lord and be His light to the world as he commanded. The verses you quoted were so right-on, thank you. And may God continue His blessing upon our great United States of America.

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