1. Cheryl R says:

    My husband and I agree, your comments are right on the money. Control is the issue because that is total POWER over the populace. In this biblical dispensation this is Satans world but Jesus Christ still controls history. His plan will still prevail. Not sure how we’d keep our sanity in these times without our relationship with our Lord and Saviour. Just recently subscribed and want to say that so far we really are enjoying the video’s. Thank you for what you do and the stand you take.

    • Cheryl,

      Thanks for watching my video on gun control and politicians. Control and ultimate power is the end game. Just look at the nations that have done this in the 20th Century. Check out the Genocide chart, you will be amazed. It starts very small, with incremental steps. We are truly witnessing the Beast System taking shape. But as you say, Jesus Christ is in control and He is Almighty.

      I have many more videos on my YouTube channel- BiblesnBarbells.

      I pray you and your husband have a wonderful church service today.

      In Christ- Anthony Iovino

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