Go Bag- What to Pack

Posted: August 24, 2012 in Survival & Preparedness
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  1. Zombease says:

    How much does you’re pack weigh with all of this stuff in it? 30 lbs… more?

  2. Joe G. says:

    I love your videos. A good pair of shoes or boots are vital. My get home bag is one that a gym rat would pack. My sanctuary is home. everything I need to survive is home. The quicker I get home the better. I would suggest energy shots, no-doz and any other stimulant needed to keep you walking. Any supply to keep you walking comfortably for the duration is a must. People need to get into shape and seen how hard it is to hoof it for 15-20 miles. Rashes, Cramps, foot sores will be your biggest problem. Keep up the good work, Anthony.

    • Thanks for watching Joe. You are correct, good shoes/boots are very important for the long walk. I keep a pair of OTB (Over the Beach) boots in my truck with a good pair of wool blend socks from 5.11. OTB makes boots for the Navy Seals. They are light and fast and provide good traction. I think I paid about $100.00.

      My sanctuary is home also and that is what the purpose of this bag is for. To get me home. The energy shots are a good idea, I think I will add a few.

      Thanks for watching.


  3. Mike says:

    I’d suggest an ultralight sleep system, in case you can’t make it home in a day.

    Thanks for all you do!

    God bless.

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