What is inside my 5.11 RUSH 24

Posted: August 6, 2012 in Survival & Preparedness
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 Sample Bag- 511 RUSH 24Backpack
1-Top Lined Zippered Pocket
1-Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Charger (for recharging phone)         50.00
2-Misc Electronics (Ipod)
2-Upper Right Front Pocket
1-Head Buff (USA Buffs) Used to protect head, face and neck         22.00
2-Multi-Tool Used for minor repairs and crafts         40.00
3-High Viz Para Cord (10 feet) For Emergency Signaling           2.00
4-Zippo Fire Starter with Tinder Emergeny fire starting         20.00
5-Knot Instruction Card Common Knots           6.00
6-Mosquito Head Net Protection for entire head           5.00
7-Extra Cotton Bandana Used for washing, as a bandage etc.           2.00
3-Upper Left Front Pocket
1-Petzl Head Lamp (AAA Batteries) Hands free Light         25.00
2-Chapstick           2.00
3-Sunscreen           2.00
4-Compass Direction in case GPS unit is down         20.00
5-Bug Spray           5.00
4-Right Side Attached Pouch
1-5.11 Eyeglass Case with Sunglasses & Reading Glasses Eye Protection and Reading         25.00
2-Signal Light (Red) with blinking and always on modes Used for Emergency signaling           5.00
5-Left Side Attached Pouch
1-Water Bottle Holder- 32 Ounce Stainless Water Bottle Can be used to boil water         25.00
2-20 Ounce Stainless Steel Cup Can also be used as a cookpot         20.00
6-Back of Pack-Hydration Area
1-One pair of Work Gloves           5.00
7-Shoulder Straps 1-Streamlight Sidewinder Multi-Light Adjustable Light and Signaling (Red,Blue,Green)         55.00
2-Ham Radio/Two Way Radio/ Whistle Communications and Emergency Signal       425.00
8-Front-Main Cargo Pocket
1-Toilet Paper           1.00
2-Nylon Pouch with Re-charging cables/ Spare Batteries Taylor to your needs         10.00
3-Write In The Rain Notebook with pens/ Checkbook         25.00
4-Mag Light Flashlight (Takes 2 – AA Batteries) With Flashlight Pouch         15.00
5-Individual Beverage Packets (in ziplock bag) Coffee, Tea, Drink Mixes, Sugar, Salt, Creamer           5.00
6-Assorted Pens, Pencils and Sharpies           2.00
7-Small Ruled Notepad           1.00
8-Small Folding Rescue Knife Spyderco Harpo         40.00
9-Under Armor Skull Cap To protect head or as a barrier under a cap         15.00
10-Rain Poncho To wear or use as a ground cloth           5.00
11-Under Armor Fleece Cap For Colder Weather         15.00
12-Bear Grylls/Gerber Survival Pouch Essentials for Survival         20.00
13-Storm Proof Matches Fire Starting           5.00
14-Money/Cash 1-$20 1-$10 1-$5 5-$1 ($50.00 Total)         50.00
15-Small Calculator           5.00
16-Signal Bandana (Blaze Orange)           4.00
17-Medications Any meds that you need for Illness
18-Boonie Hat           5.00
19-Map-Florida and State Park Phone Numbers           5.00
20-Mora Kneck Knife         15.00
9-Left Front Side-Long Pocket
1-50 Feet of Paracord Used for shelter building etc.           8.00
2-Bear Grylls/Gerber Survival Knife A very important part of your kit         50.00
3-Toilet Paper Very Important           2.00
4-Homemade Survival Kit This kit was made out of a soap can         20.00
10-RT Front Side-Long Pocket
1-Platypus Folding Water Bottle- (16 Ounce Size)           7.00
2-Small Plastic Shovel For shelter building/Latrine Digging           4.00
3-Life Straw Water Filter Will enable you to drink 1000 Liters or 264 Gal         20.00
4-Survival Blanket/Shelter To bring back Core Body Temp/ or Shelter           6.00
5-Aqua Pouch-Water Purification Kit Tablets/Filter and Container for Purification         14.00
6-Chem Light
11-Main Compartment
A. Top Interior Mesh Pocket
  1-Survival Medic First Aid Kit Essential First Aid/Survival Items/Pain Relievers         20.00
  2-Titanium Spork Eating Utensil         12.00
B. Lower Interior Mesh Pocket
  1-Collapsable Drinking Cup/Bowl Sea To Summit Brand         12.00
  2-Microfiber Towel For Drying Body         15.00
  3-Exterior Pack Cover Used to cover Backpack in case of rain           5.00
  4-Clothes Line Used to hang wet clothing           5.00
  5-Zip Ties (Assorted sizes) In zip lock bag           1.00
  6-Small Aluminum Tent Stakes In zip lock bag           4.00
  7-Hunters Trail Marking Tape Used to leave a trail so you can be found           3.00
C. Interior Back Mesh Pocket
  1-Assorted Toiletries/Hygiene Items Toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, soap, etc.         12.00
D. Main Clamshell Compartment Largest compartment in the Pack
  1-BPA Free 32 ounce Nalgene Water Bottle         10.00
  2-Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panels Used for charging Phones, GPS, Radio, Ipod         75.00
  3-Heavy Duty Waterproof Rain Jacket Packs into its own storage sack         60.00
  4-Katadyn Hiker Water Filter Will process at least 200 gallons of water         60.00
  5-GSI Halulite Cook Cup with Stove and Fuel Self Contained Cooking Kit         65.00
  6-Military Poncho Shelter System With cordage, tent pegs and tarp clips         30.00
  7-Food Items Cliff Bars, Oatmeal, Spam, Ramen Noodles         10.00
  8-Extra Clothing (vacuum sealed bag) underwear, long sleeve dri fit shirt, extra socks           5.00
5.11 RUSH 24 BackPack       100.00
5.11 Eye Glass Pouch and Water Bottle Pouch         25.00
TOTAL Estimated Investment  $ 1,664.00
  1. Few suggestions if you can afford them to consider;
    1) replacing the regular nalgene for a guyot stainless bottle of the same size to give you yet another option for boiling.
    2) a GSI cup that nests around the guyot/nalgene rather than the haulite
    3) not totally survival, but a H2Jo on your nalgene makes for better coffee or pine needle tea
    4) A sawyer filter to replace the kytadin as they will do over a million gallons and many models are lighter to carry
    5) replacing the AAA headlamp with a AA powered one with longer battery life and higher lumens like the zebra h502 or zebra SC51 or even a small gerber infinity as AAs last longer and if your going with a solar charger the AA rechargeables hold charge much longer than the AAA (AAA is almost worthless in rechargeable).
    6) a few fish hooks, monofilament, picture hanging wire for snares and possibly a couple of rat traps for small game.
    7) slingshot, blowgun, or some form of projectile weapon for small game hunting.
    8) couple of cheap mylar space blankets and a couple of 60 gallon heavy trash bags.
    9) brown rice as it expands the more than most any other food when cooked (3 cups of water to 1 cup brown rice), is extremely shelf stable even in a cheap ziplock, and goes well with most collected edible vegetation and fish/game.
    10)Peanut butter mostly as bait for critters (almost anything can be trapped with peanut butter), but also not to bad for on the go quick calories.
    You have enough fire starters I think, but I would consider a mag/ferro block as they seem to resist corrosion better than the normal ferro rods and provide waterproof tinder in a pinch, and a small wallet sized Fresnel lens for solar fire making. However as I said you have quite a few sources of fire already in the kit so not sure any more are really unnecessary if you already have some primitive skills like friction fire in your knowledge base.
    All in all an awesome kit though and much of what I named may already be in your “homemade survival kit” or one of the other kits you list.

    • Donald,

      Thanks for all of your valuable information. 1- I have another stainless nalgene in another pack that I can swap out and replace the regular nalgene. 2- I already have a stainless cup around the Pathfinder bottle, but can add a GSI cup. 3- Not sure what an H2Jo is? 4- I have been looking at the Sawyer but have not purchased one yet. 5- I will revisit the headlamp suggestion and look into those models. 6- Will begin putting this kit together as one of my next projects. DO you have a list of items? 7-I was talking with someone about a Henry Rifle, but a slingshot can be a quick fix. 8-I have added a 50 gallon bag and a 10 x10 6mil piece of heacy duty sheeting to the hydration pocket. 9-Are you saying to carry some brown rice? 10-I will add the peanut butter packets this week. I will add the magnesium block also, I have one in another kit. My friction fire skills are =0. That is something I will work on.

      Thanks for taking the time to give this valuable advice as it will help me and others better prepare our Go-Bags.

      God Bless


      • The H2Jo is a screen that screws onto a nalgene thread. great way to make coffee http://goo.gl/XpqiW
        As for Item 9 yes I would consider replacing some of the other food Items with brown rice as it is a more compact food to carry. A cup of uncooked brown rice (makes sizable bowl when cooked) will fill the belly better than about any other food you can pack of the same volume.
        As for my list have not got it on paper yet. But I have a bit of a different system than most.
        I live 90% of the time on the road and have much of my survival gear on me all the time. My motorcycle jacket alone has 3 ways to start a fire in it, a flashlight, a space blanket, fishing gear, snare wire and other goodies. My keychain is almost a complete EDC kit as well.
        Then I have my large pack that has 4-5 different kits within kits. so I can peel off each layer like an onion with the outer layers containing more luxury until you reach the center with only the bare necessities. Each layer having its own pack of some sort stuffed inside the next larger pack.
        But I do not live inside a house so my level of readiness to move is probably a bit overkill for most folks.

      • Thanks Donald. Will take all your recommendations and begin to implement.


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