Bible Study- STRENGTH (Part One)- How Strong Are You? AJ Iovino

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Devotionals & Bible Studies
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STRENGTH- How Strong are You??

Anthony Iovino- September 2005

Dear Friends:

I put this study together back in 2005 and have used it to compare and contrast the differences in human strength vs. the incomprehensible strength of our Creator.  I picked Boxer- Rocky Marciano as an example of human strength.  Rocky to me is a great example of someone who was capable of super-human strength all wrapped up in a 185 lb. frame.  A punch that is on par with getting hit with a piece of steel.  Stamina and endurance that rival a machine.

Take some time to read and study the scripture passages I have included in this study and meditate on the all surpassing strength of Jesus, who is capable of defeating all the armies of Hell with the breadth of His mouth!

Blessings In Christ.

 Scripture References:

Isaiah 40:29-  He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the

weak.  (our strength is found in the Lord).

Isaiah 14:12-15- (The fall of Satan).

Isaiah 54:17- (The power and strength given to true believers).

Job 1:6-12- (Satan is allowed only to go so far).

Romans 8:38-39-(Nothing can separate a believer from the Lord).

Phillipians 4:13 -(I can do all things through Him who gives me strenth).

Ephesians 1:4-6- (We were chosen before creation. Predestined, Adopted…).

Ephesians 6:10-18-(The Armor of God- How we take our stand).



-Punching Power!  Rocky Marciano 43 Knockouts in 49 fights- 88% knockout ratio.

-187 pounds, 5’ 10”tall, shortest arms in the history of heavyweight division.

-Ring Magazine said of Marciano  “He never sought refuge in a clinch, never tired, and couldn’t be hurt…He was an unstoppable force, breaking bodies and spirits.  It was a hellish experience to fight him”.


him in one?”

The US Testing Company was asked to measure the power of Marciano’s punch.  It’s findings:

“Marciano’s knockout blow packs more explosive energy than an armour-piercing bullet

and represents as much energy as would be required to spot lift 1000 lbs one foot off the

            Ground.” (Boxing Illustrated- Dec 1963).


Words used to describe RockyIndestructible, human steamroller, his right hand called- “Suzie-Q”, “It was one of the most devastating weapons ever brought into the ring.” Bert Sugar.

How could Rocky deliver such POWER– Part of it lies in how a fighter sets himself when he delivers his blow.  A pure boxer will be on his toes, mobile, with little contact with the floor when he hits. The force of his impact comes from his arms and shoulders only.  But a slugger will plant his feet flat as he punches, using the floor for leverage to get more of his bodyweight behind the punch.

Another part is – “commitment to the punch”.  The fighter who is worried about a counter blow is going to hold something back. He wants to be able to block the counter punch if it comes.  But, the fighter who has no fear of retaliation, who accepts that he might get hit in return, will put everything into the punch.  Marciano knew before he stepped into the ring he would get hit a lot.  He accepted it beforehand and didn’t let it interfere with his intentions.  When Rocky let go he was totally committed to the punch, putting every ounce of energy and body weight into every punch.

Marciano’s incredible power began in his feet as they pushed off the mat.  The energy was fed by his thick, muscular legs, the swivel of his hips, and the twist he’d put into his upper body as he snapped forward his arm and fist.  “Basically he broke his opponents up inside.”

Rocky’s Amazing Stamina-


-Experts all agree that Rocky was the best conditioned heavyweight champion of all time.

-Boxing is grueling sport- 3 minutes of fighting followed by 1 minute of recovery.  Every round more energy is spent and the harder it becomes to recover.  Many lack the stamina to make a long fight, especially heavyweights.

In his first amateur fight, Rocky was disqualified as he became totally exhausted.  After this fight he made a promise to himself- “if I ever get into the ring again, you can bet I won’t be out of condition.”

Rocky took his shortcomings – short reach, his height, his lack of natural boxing ability…But he had Strength and Courage….To this he added Stamina.


Some of Rocky’s Training-

-He spent hours punching a special heavy bag made just for him.  It weighed 300 pounds.  Rocky wanted to be sure he could move a 200+ pound opponent around with his punches.

-Marciano liked to run up hill.  He would charge off at full speed, then run down backwards.  He did this over and over to build up his leg muscles and his stamina.

-He would get in a swimming pool to shoulder depth and throw hundreds of punches underwater.

-He would run every morning, (5-6 miles) even if he did not have a fight—every day—even on Christmas.  When a fight was near he would increase the distance to 10 miles and closer to the fight 12-15 miles per day.  On top of this he liked to walk another 5-10 miles in the late afternoon or evening.  And this was all done in the hilly country where he trained.

-By this type of training he was able to set a blistering pace in the ring that no fighter could match.  A good heavyweight throws an average of 40-45 punches per round during active rounds, and about half that when tired.  Marciano averaged 80-85 punch range, and it was not unusual for him to throw over 100 punches per round.

-The big sluggers who might have been able to hurt him—lost their power after a few rounds.  The better conditioned boxers didn’t have the power to hurt him.

-Of all boxers it seems to have been Rocky Marciano who trained with the most monastic devotion.  Willing to seclude himself from the World, including wife and family, followed an obsessive diet.  Marciano concentrated on one thing—The upcoming fight.  As a cloistered monk chooses by an act of fanatical will to —see only God.  (Joyce Oates- On Boxing).

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