Bible Study- How Strong Are You? Part Two- AJ Iovino

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Devotionals & Bible Studies
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STRENGTH-How Strong Are You? (Part Two)

Anthony Iovino- September 2005

1-Isaiah 40:29- (Strength and Power)

-Our God provides the strength we need in any situation we face.

– It is His Power that is able to deliver us when we have lost hope.

-His power surpasses all understanding and He never tires or overstrains.

-He orders the affairs of men with wisdom that cannot be comprehended.

-It is to our Lord who we should turn to when we lack Strength and Stamina.

-We must trust and rely upon Him in expectation through prayer.

2-Isaiah 14:12-15- (The 5 “I wills” of Satan)


-In this passage of scripture we see that Satan is indeed a fallen Angel, cast down to the earth.

-“Morning Star”- The Hebrew for this word is translated –Lucifer in the Latin Vulgate.

The Five “I wills of Satan”—–

1-I  will ascend to heaven

2-I will raise my throne above the stars of God.

3-I will sit enthroned on the Mount of Assembly, on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain.

4-I will ascend above the tops of the clouds.

5-I will make myself like The Most High.

-But God has different plans- Verse 15—But you will be brought down to the grave, to the depths of the pit.

3-Isaiah 54:17- (Strength, Power, Stamina, Courage)


-Where is our strength derived???  It is from the Lord.  Here is a wonderful piece of scripture.

-No weapon forged against you will prevail.

-You will refute every tongue that accuses you.

-This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord.

-And this is their vindication from me, declares the Lord.

4-Job 1:6-12- (Satan can only go so far—God is ultimately in control)


-The Lord’s conversation with Satan.

-The Lord initiates the dialogue…Verse7.  (This will lead to the Testing of Job).

-Satan answers….Verse7.

-The Lord asks- Have you considered My Servant Job? …Verse 8 (Servant-One who stands in a special relationship with God and is loyal in service).  God describes Job as blameless and upright…who fears God.

-Satan’s response…Verse9-11-  God you are protecting Job. Take away this protection and your so called servant will curse you to your face…

-The Lord agrees…Verse 12…But places a limit just how far Satan is ALLOWED to go.

-Satan is given power to afflict.

-Satan is kept on a leash –It is God who is in control.

-Satan is under God’s Power  (this is not some type of Duelism or good verse evil).

-The contest is not a sham …it is very real.  God’s people must rely on Him for Strength.

5-Romans 8:38-39- (Nothing separates us from the love of God)

-Here we see The Apostle Paul’s great words showing that suffering does not separate believers from Christ.

-This suffering actually carries them along toward their ultimate goal.

-It is impossible to get beyond God’s reach.

-God is the one who justifies us.

-That justification based upon what Jesus has done for us…

6- Phillipians 4:13-(Our source of Strength—is found in Christ)

-Everything pleasing to God.

-Union with Christ is the secret of being content and the source of our Strength.

7- Ephesians 1:4-6- (Our existence was pre-ordained)

-We were chosen in Christ before the creation of the world.

-We are holy and blameness based on our position In-Christ.

-We were Predestined and Adopted as sons—Through Jesus Christ.

-This was God’s pleasure …His sovereign will.

-This Grace (unmerited favor) is given only through Christ Jesus.

8-Ephesians 6:10-18- (How we fight against evil forces is found in-Christ)

-The unseen world and the description of the spiritual battle that takes place against evil.

-Verse 10- You cannot even start this battle unless you are In-Christ.  Christ fights through us.

-Verse 11- We as Christians have the responsibility of putting on the Armor. We must use the Power God gives

-Without the armor we cannot make our stand against Satan and his evil angels.

-The methods and stratagems of the Devil can only be conquered if we are sealed with Christ.

-This is done through applying His mighty Word…

Verse 12- Here we see the reason why we need the Armor…The Israelites, under Joshua fought against flesh and blood.  Our warfare is Spiritual.

-We see different ranks among the hosts of Satan.

-Knowing how these ranks are distinguished is not important.

-We only need to know that all of Armor must be in place to fight the Battle..

(*No opening at the Head, the Feet, the Heart, the Belly, the Eye, the Ear, or the Tongue is to given to Satan).

Verse 13-17-

1-Belt of Truth- Prepares us for activity or action.

2-Breastplate of Righteousness- Holiness, sinlessness and justice.  Attributes of God.

3-Feet fitted with Readiness– Protection and support.  Peace –Gospel.

4-Sheild of faith– Our faith In Christ covers us.  Protects us from Satan.

5-Helmet of Salvation– Protects and symbolizes our victory over Satan.

6-The Sword of the Spirit– Our only offensive weapon—The Word of God!


Verse 18- Prayer is our gateway at any and all times.  Prayer gives us access.  God hears our cries.  Prayer keeps us alert and our lifeline to God open.

Conclusion-  Today we looked at a famous heavyweight fighter who’s great feats in the world of boxing are unmatched, even to this day. But more importantly, we looked at what God’s Word has to say about:



-Explosive Energy








-All your great human power and personal achievements mean nothing when it comes to your salvation.  All these descriptive words we used today are found in Our Lord and Savior—Jesus Christ.  Each of us have access to this great power by trusting in What Christ did for us on the cross.  All that is needed to gain access is to Receive and Believe……Just Do It….


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