Devotional- How God Gets Our Attention- AJ Iovino

Posted: May 28, 2012 in Devotionals & Bible Studies
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Anthony- 11-22-10



3231 Mr. Luke Warm

Recently I talked to a man I will call Mr. Luke Warm, for he is “neither cold nor hot.” He says he is a Christian but seldom attends church. “I am under a great deal of tension where I work,” he explained, “and often go fishing on weekends for relaxation. Church is all right, but a person can’t do everything, you know.”


Mr. Luke Warm also had an uneasy conscience about his giving, for he continued, “I put a dollar or two in the offering plate whenever I go, and I think that’s all God can expect of me. If I gave a tenth of my income, it would amount to more than $2000. You just don’t know how expensive it is for me to maintain my cabin at the lake and pay dues to keep my membership at the country club and the bowling league. Anyway, churches put too much emphasis on money.


Sometimes I get so disgusted with this talk about sacrificing for Christ that I feel like quitting altogether.”

—Our Daily Bread





Am 4:1–13. Denunciation of Israel’s Nobles for Oppression; and of the Whole Nation for Idolatry; and for Their Being Unreformed Even by God’s Judgments: Therefore They Must Prepare for the Last and Worst Judgment of All.

[2] —————————————————————-

II.     Amos’s Second Sermon (4:1–13)

A.     He denounces the Israel of God (4:1–5).

1.     Their godless women (4:1–3): They will be led away with hooks in their noses.

2.     Their hypocrisy (4:4–5): They offer sacrifices to idols.

B.     He defends the God of Israel (4:6–13).

1.     The past patience of God (4:6–11): He has givenIsrael repeated opportunities to repent, all to no avail.

2.     The future punishment from God (4:12–13): The nation will soon face him in judgment.



“Yet you have not returned to Me!” is the sad refrain of this chapter (vv. 6, 8, 9, 10, 11). God’s disciplines are for the purpose of restoration, to bring people to true repentance.

God used several means of discipline—drought, famine, crop diseases, locusts, plagues, war, and local catastrophes (v. 11)—and yet the people did not get the message. They had met with God’s disciplines, but the next step was to meet God Himself (v. 12). He was personally coming to judge them.

What a tragedy that the people kept living in luxury (vv. 1–3) and carrying out their religious duties (vv. 4–5) while ignoring the call of God. It took courage for Amos to call the wealthy women “cows” and to picture them being led away to slaughter. In their comfort and prosperity, the people thought they were immune from judgment, but it came just the same.

Are you prepared to meet your God?




1- The reasons God gives as to why Israel refuses to return to Him.  And what is in store for her:


  • God swears by His holiness,      (V.2).
  • God Promises Israel      captivity, (V.3).
  • Israel      demonstrates empty worship (V4-5).
  • God takes away food sources,      (V.6).
  • God withholds rain.  The people are thirsting for water, (V.      7-8).
  • God strikes with Blight &      Mildew and Locusts, (V.9).
  • God sends plagues, and young      men are killed in battle, (V.10).
  • God destroys the land like      Sodom and Gomorrah, (V.11).




  • God tells Israel to get      prepared to meet Him, (V12).  This      signifies Judgement.
  • God reminds Israel who He is,      (V.13):
    1. Creator
    2. Sustainer
    3. He who enlightens their minds
    4. Governs the day and night
    5. Stands above the earth
    6. He is Almighty


Are you, Mr. Lukewarm?


Are you prepared to meet God?


The time is now to turn to God, Repent and accept His Son Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

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