Anthony Iovino- Personal Stats and Training History

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Workout Plans & Videos
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Anthony J. Iovino

Personal Stats:
Age: April 14, 1963
Born:Bronx, New YorkHeight:5’ 10”Weight: 200 lbs.
Hometown: South, Florida
Training History:35 YearsFavorite Bible VerseJohn 15:5
Routine:  Day 1: Chest and Biceps, Day 2: Back, Hamstrings and Calves, Day 3: Shoulders, Triceps, and Abdominals, Day 4: Quads, Calves, and Neck, Day 5 & 6 Off, Repeat.
Training Tips:
I will start a workout with 5 to 15 minutes on the stationary bike, followed by stretching my entire body. It is important not to start lifting weights until the muscles are properly warmed-up. I believe this is very important to avoid injury and to get blood flowing.I believe that basic power-type exercises are essential to building a solid foundation. I continue to use these basic power movements as part of my training routine, for they have served me well over the years.





In high school I participated in Football, Wrestling and Lacrosse and used weight lifting to accentuate my performance. While in High School, I trained in my bedroom, often having my mother or father spot me.I started lifting heavily while attending Clarion University of PA (1981-1985). It is here where I seriously concentrated on power movements and gained some real size.

In 1984, the Owner of a local gym to approached me and asked me if I would like to compete at a local bodybuilding show. He trained me for my first show and I took home the title! This event was in Indiana, PA; I won first place in Men’s medium height class along with the overall title of “Mr. Indiana County of PA”!

Over the years I have competed in several shows, earning my pro-card in 1992 through the USNFA, in Wilkes Barre, PA. However, as owner/operator of my own business, which was soaring at that time, and my wife having our second child, I was unable to train properly to compete in a pro show that year, and subsequently, lost my pro card. I still consider myself a pro and it is only a matter of time until I join the pro-ranks.

I arrive at the gym between 4:30pm and 5:00pm at least 4 days a week, and my workout lasts no more than 1 hour 15 minutes, excluding cardio. I believe in a fast, intense training session, never resting more than 1 to 2 minutes between sets. I use super-sets, tri-sets and train by instinct. I never follow the exact routine for long, and constantly change the order of exercises I perform, never giving my muscles a chance to adapt. I train alone and diet alone.

My wife, Barbie, has been very instrumental in helping to prepare my meals, critique my body and assist me in putting together my posing routines. I have 2 daughters, Kristen and Lauren , who train in a gym I set-up in my garage. I have journals from 1984 and often refer to these when planning my lifting schedule. In addition, I keep a diet log. This allows me to track my consumption of protein, fats, carbohydrates and calories. I also make notes as to how my body responded to the different phases of my diet. It is important to maintain a list of exercises, grouped by body parts, to help decide which exercises I have benefited from the most.

I will start a workout with 5 to 15 minutes on the stationary bike, followed by stretching my entire body. It is important not to start lifting weights until the muscles are properly warmed-up. I believe this is very important to avoid injury and to get blood flowing.

Some days I use heavier weights and do fewer reps and other days I do higher reps with lighter weights, but I never sacrifice form, always using a full range of motion, stretching and squeezing the muscles involved. After a set is complete I will stretch and flex (pose) in order to get more blood into the muscles. After this I am ready for my next set. I believe you should be like a machine in the gym, constantly focusing on the tasks at hand. I never let others distract me, and often wear a Walkman so no one will talk to me. I am there to train, once that is complete, I am free to talk and/or help others with their workouts.

I strongly believe in supplementation to ensure your muscles are getting the proper nutrition, (vitamins, minerals, amino’s etc), but I have performed some of my best and heaviest lifts eating nothing but peanut butter sandwiches and a protein shake! My diet today is a bit more advanced than that, but I firmly believe that you must train your mind, stay focused and believe in yourself to advance in bodybuilding or any other sport. You must constantly assess your physique and make adjustments accordingly.

Many people today think that there is a magic bullet. They become impatient and are unwilling to dedicate themselves to the years of training required to get big Naturally. I often see young athletes who get disgusted because they depend too much on supplements; they listen to what others are doing, instead of putting their mind into the tasks at hand and getting back to basics. You must attack the weights and constantly challenge yourself to lift more than you think you can handle but at the same time knowing your limits to avoid injury at all costs.

Enough said, below is a sample routine I might follow for 1 week. Keep in mind, I have been training for many years and know my body well. I think it takes years of experience and training to learn what works for you and my routine might not work for the next guy. I also listen to my body and rest when I need to. This is when the repair and growth process takes place. You must experiment with different workout routines and rep schemes until you find which produce the ultimate results.

In closing I would like to add on a personal note that staying Natural For Life is one of my greatest accomplishments. I have trained hard, made many sacrifices and remained healthy. I am proud to be All Natural and I feel magazines like NATURAL BODYBUILDING AND FITNESS have taken the sport to a new level. 

All the glory goes to My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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