Devotional- God as Revealed in Nature- AJ Iovino

Posted: May 10, 2012 in Devotionals & Bible Studies

God as Revealed in Nature

Anthony Iovino


I ask you today to look around and take notice of the world around you.  I mean really look at the trees, sky, stars, mountains, rivers, sun, moon, grass, birds, etc.  How did all these wonderful things we take for granted come to be?  I ask you to really look deep inside your heart and try to grasp our world.  We live in one of the most beautiful communities in the United States (Weston, FL), yet I think we take for granted just how wonderful the world is right before our eyes.  I know I am guilty of this.  We get so wrapped up in our hectic lives, that we seldom take the time to ponder just how all this came to be.

Well the answers to these questions and so much more have been provided for us in the Bible- God’s Holy Word.  All that you see around you could not have just happened by chance.  All the order we see in nature could not have come from disorder.  I ask you today to stop and think of all the miracles you see before your eyes each and every day.  read the Bible.  Start in the first three chapters of Genesis and questions will begin to be answered.  Don’t rely on some scientist or guru to explain how you and your family came to be and how the universe was formed.  Science and all of its writings are continually in a state of obsoleteness and revision, yet the Bible stands alone as an un-changing source of truth.  Look for yourself into the deep things of God and He will begin to reveal Himself to you.  I am not going to quote scripture to you, as there is so much evidence for God, that it will boggle your mind.  You, your spouse, your children, your family and friends all are here for a reason.  God loves you and wants you to begin a relationship with Him. Yes, the creator of the Universe knows you and wants you to have fellowship with Him.  Just take some time and read His Word.  You will be amazed at what happens.  I am not asking you to join a church or go to a bible study, or be part of the latest “cool” trend.  I am asking you to just take some time alone and let the creator of the universe speak to you.  Realize you are blessed and you are more important than you realize.  I will also pray for each of you this week.

Blessings In Christ- Anthony

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